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Fading Coal

astarte59's Icon Journal

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This is the icon journal of astarte59. The fandoms for which I make icons are Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel, Firefly/Serenity, Xena Warrior Princess/Hercules the Legendary Journeys, Battlestar Galactica, and House. Every so often I'll post a group of "Miscellaneous" icons, ranging from images of actors to images of my cats. I also make Resources: Textures, Brushes, and Gradients; the brushes and gradients are made in and for Photoshop, but I always post an image pack as well. You can find the Resources in the Memories or just click on the tags in the journal. You can find icons by fandom or subject in the tags as well.

So who am I? Good question--ask my shrink. :-) I'm a 48-year old kinky single lesbian who lives in a suburban wasteland and has yet to discover a way to find other kinky single lesbians (or partnered poly lesbians for that matter). I have two kids, age 19 and 16, and three cats. I was an English professor until 2005, when I was forced to stop teaching b/c of worsening Multiple Sclerosis, and I won't get into just how enormous a loss that's been for me. The one thing I got out of my life change has been icons. I had started making some really crappy ones using crappy software, and in a conversation with my department chair, mentioned briefly that I had this new hobby, but couldn't pursue it properly w/out Photoshop. It was about a minute or two of conversation in between dealing with paperwork and such. Well, at my retirement party, I got a present--Adobe Creative Suite! And a check to spend as I pleased. Many thanks to my colleagues for contributing to such a marvelous gift and to my dept. chair for being a truly great listener. So I've been learning as I go along, and I'm hugely grateful to my fellow LJers both for the resources they provide and the tutorials they write. You guys are really generous with your time and creativity, and I appreciate it! You can find the Resources I've used on my Resource Post.

What else? I have a web page that collects my fanfic and the fanfic of writers whose work I've specifically requested. MS has taken away much of my concentration, and I really want to be writing more fanfic, but so far it's just not happening. I also post my icons there, and I give individual credit to the resource makers whose work I've used in each icon. You can find all these riches here: . The fic is almost all kinky, so please read the warnings for each story.

Finally, all icons and resources here are available for your use and enjoyment, but do please read the first two entries in this journal, fading_coal, for complete information and rules. Oh, MS sucks. And Neil Gaiman and Joss Whedon are my personal gods. Just had to get both of those pieces of information perfectly clear.

If you'd like to affiliate with fading_coal, just leave a comment on the first post in the journal (the very long sticky). If you would like a button for linkage in your Resource Post or Affiliates, just help yourself to one of these: ; ;;

Check out my Resource Post if not only to see who deserves credit for making my icons possible, but also because it's long, and if you make icons, you're bound to find some great resource-makers listed there. And if you know the new location of any of the non-working LJ handles or links, I'd really appreciate it if you'd make a comment to the post and give me the current information.

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LJ Comms
: The icontest comm even I can approve of. Because here you're competing against your worst enemy or your best competition--Yourself! You post batches of your icons, and then people pick their top five out of the group and provide an explanation of what they like. A great way to see what people like in your workl And if you're reading this, even if you don't have icons to post, go on over there and vote on a few batches in the current round (read the directions first!); it makes you think about why you like an icon, and you can end up giving better feedback in general, and you'll probably find a few icons for your collection.
resourcelove is an all-in-one resource comm. You can post any kind of resources, and you can request resources as well. Worth checking out and joining if you're an icon (or other graphics) maker.
cdg's amazing tutorial on Selective Coloring. I was one of those people who occasionally opened Selective Coloring in Photoshop, fiddled around w/ it, realized (again!) I had no clue what I was doing or why it was there. Then my salvation arrived in the form of cdg''s tut. It's clear and detailed and explains everything for the Photoshop-challenged (but determined PS user) like me. I was able to take some photos of me and some friends from when I was in college (1977-1980) that had gotten yellowed and orangey from being in the front of a cheap photo album and restore them to a slightly faded version of their original colors. One, in fact, was one of my favorite pics of myself ever. I even use Selective Coloring on icons now! :-) Seriously, if Selective Coloring has always been a mystery to you, this is the must-read tutorial.


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